no fondant

September 23, 2009

A while back while living in Houston, Jenni came to visit me.  We went to the dessert gallery.  While eating our cupcakes we watched this video and it taught us how to make this chocolate cake.  There was more chocolate icing on that cake than you can imagine.  It was perfectly iced with the little hand iced swoops.  Jenni then said, “That is my cake, except, a wedding cake.”  So today while reading through my google reader.  I saw this cake:

jenni's cake

{Style me Pretty, Sensational South Carolina Wedding}

I sent this picture to Jenni, and she said, “Seriously!!!  How did you know that this is what I wanted…for real…where did you find this picture…no lie…”  Sidenote people,  I am good like that.  I think my ideal job is party planning.  I am just that good. Yep this is me tooting my own horn. So step up off!

Notice this cake has no fondant.  Fondant is so perfect, and it is not very tastee, so it shall be buttercream(hence the blog name).

Happy Wednesday!  As the ideas come together so will the site.  Enjoy!


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